Open Source News Roundup — Weekend Edition


Adobe fixed a vulnerability in its Flash software; this newly discovered exploit affected not only Windows but Mac and Linux as well. Make sure you’re checking for updates.

Ubuntu (logo)The 2012 Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS 2012) wrapped up on Friday, May 11th. Reports from the summit are slowly filtering on to the internet; apparently the Ubuntu folks are focused on doing rather than talking, since less than 100 unique reports have appeared in news streams.

While presenting at UDS 2012, Electronic Arts (EA) announced release of two web-based games for Ubuntu–Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances and Lord of Ultima–at the developers’ summit. It’d be nice if EA told the rest of the world; so far the company hasn’t issued a press release.

Speaking at UDS 2012, Chris Kenyon, VP of Canonical Ltd., said 5% of all new PCs will ship pre-loaded with Ubuntu. No wonder Dell feels some pressure to create a Linux-based developer laptop.

Uh-oh. Keep an eye on this: Ubuntu may have forked the Gnome Control Center, according to a developer at UDS 2012. Others say it’s more of a patch than a fork. Will there be any conflicts in the future about Ubuntu’s direction on Control Center?


And while Adobe is patching up an exploit in Flash, a fake Flash malware download for Android phones has been found. Watch your phone bill for high-priced text messages.

SaaS security provider Zscaler’s research group, Zscaler ThreatlabZ, notes iOS surpassed Android in enterprise mobile devices during first quarter of 2012. You might ask if this is represents a reduction in Android use, or a reduction in RIM’s BlackBerry devices resulting in an increase of iOS users? Looks like a combination, but the trend may not hold for long with Android continuing to outpace iOS on non-enterprise phones.

Other Open Source

Colleges and universities are using open source mobile development as a tool to attract and keep students, based on numbers adopting Modo Labs’ Kurogo platform.

Cloud services field is more crowded with HP offering Cloud Compute; HP will be going head-to-head with Amazon as a cloud provider, eyeing a portion of the USD$1.08 billion that Amazon earned last year from cloud services. HP’s existing customer base of former Compaq users and EDS clients gained through acquisition of those firms, assures HP a different segment of the cloud market inaccessible to Amazon. Watch Google’s cloud offering to change shape soon in response, in order to retain and gain Google Drive and Google Enterprise clients.