New Courses To Help You Learn Linux At

It took some work but we’ve added new content to The Linux Academy. We have many more courses coming down the pipeline now, but I wanted to take the opportunity and tell you what’s new.

Why should you use Linux Academy?
Most of you have heard of the term open source, and even more of you are using programming languages built on top of open source technology. Linux is the open source and mainly command line (if you’re running it as a server) operating system built for stability and flexibility. In fact, interesting tidbit, one of the founders of Github is the brain child of the Linux kernel. Not only that, 80% of the internet is running on top of Linux servers and thanks to the cloud, places such as Amazon, HP, and Rackspace are pushing that market share even higher.

But why should you learn Linux? Well, I could tell you the average salary of Linux admins is 70k/year or I could tell you that there are over 80k positions available from the website right now. But I won’t; I’ll tell you that to be a great developer and a well rounded tech person you need to at least be “familiar” with Linux and its awesome tools and how they work. The Linux Academy is a great inexpensive way to learn those, as well as learn how web development often crosses the lines and integrates with Linux. It’s important to know if you want to be a great developer, and it’s extremely easy to do over at the Linux Academy.

The other last great thing about the Linux Academy and premium subscriptions? You get 1 on 1 help with development and Linux administration via Google hangouts, LinkedIn, e-mail, and chat. That has value written all over it!

So what courses are new at the Linux Academy? We’ve added “Working With SSH,” “Managing Files In Linux,” and “Managing Linux Partitions and File Systems.” Also, check out the syllabus here to see what is happening!