Multiple Ways To Learn Linux

Over the past few months, we here at Pinehead have been working hard to develop ways to teach Linux to newbies and novices alike. It’s a very taxing job and it takes a lot of time. At the time this post was written the Linux Academy had 54 available lessons that teach you Linux. This isn’t just “how to restart services” lessons. These lessons are in-depth and teach you the core concepts from basic file management and beyond. Several of our users are using it to help study for the LPI examination to become Linux certified and several others are using it to learn how to run their own web servers. I won’t lie; REALLY learning Linux is hard. Sure, it’s easy enough to learn basic commands and use the GUI provided by some distributions, but to really learn and understand Linux takes time and dedication. Many people aren’t ready for the challenge or aren’t interested enough.

Perhaps you’ve seen Tech Crunch’s Need A Job? Learn Linux article. Or maybe you’ve checked out’s service and saw that the average Linux Administrator job pays $70,000/year.

But I’m a software developer!
Even so, you still need to know Linux. I’ve recently built a streaming control panel called streamDash (will be available on github soon) that allows organizations to live stream using Wowza Media Services. In order to do this, I had to know Linux, since the code under the dashboard integrates and sends data to Linux servers in order to process everything correctly. If I didn’t know Linux, I would have failed at this job.

Get to the point!

You’ve heard us talk about learning Linux here at Pinehead, you’ve even seen that we now post Linux posts and software development posts. The point is, we believe so much that you should learn Linux that we’ve developed two methods to help you easily learn Linux.

Method 1: The Linux Academy

The Linux Academy is a $9.99/m subscription service (with the first month a free trial) that gives you unlimited access to all the Linux courses (we have been adding 3+ lessons a week). The reason it’s a subscription service is because with your account you actually get your own server to work with. You are able to select what distribution you want to run, fire up your server, connect to it with SSH and follow the interactive courses. Break it if you want! Go ahead, we dare you, type rm -R / at your terminal and see what happens. Because, when you do break it, all you do is delete your server and rebuild it!. The Linux Academy allows you to have unlimited server time on these servers and they are real cloud servers, heck you can even test your code on them if you would like.

Method 2: single purchase courses

We understand that some of you aren’t fond of subscription services. Many of you might even run your own virtual machine and not need access to our Linux lab. That’s ok. We’ve gone ahead and created 1 time purchase courses over at We could have created our own one time purchase system, but that would just taken time out of teaching the courses that help you learn Linux.

Free Posts At

And lastly, we like to post some of the lessons free on Pinehead. Click on the “Linux” link in the header and you’ll see all of the free posts that we’ve already posted. We usually post 1 lesson from each course.