Linux For Navy Drones: Linux Can Now Literally P0wn You!

The US Navy has signed off on a $27,883,883 contract from military contractor Raytheon to install Linux ground control software for its fleet of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones.

It’s not a secret that Linux or perhaps certain distributions of Linux are the most secure operating systems in the world. Linux can be customized, locked down, and developed in ways that Windows cannot. Free Republic has posted the details about the Navy’s new $27/million Linux acquisition to run its powerful fleet of drone fighting aircraft on Linux.

Over the past year we’ve seen the U.S drone fleet vulnerable to security hacking, malware, and even Iran taking down one of the most top secret aircraft in the world.

What we’ve seen over the past few years is the Windows server market share decreasing steadily for internet based servers and we’ve seen the military adapting Linux technologies. Embedded Linux, Linux servers, and even the desktop have been widely adapted more than any time in the past. In fact, one would say that it’s the perfect time to start learning Linux. The mainly command line server that’s free to install to use can be a challenge to learn. But it’s no doubt the skill is in demand by companies and the military. Perhaps you should start learning Linux at the Linux Academy?