Chromecast Support Will Come to VLC For iOS, Android, and Desktop

In an email to GigaOM, the lead developer for the iOS application stated that the update should be coming within four to six weeks. The makers of the popular media player app VLC have announced that Chromecast support will be coming first to the iOS version of the app, and later to the Android and desktop versions.

Since Google has yet to release official SDKs for native Windows, Mac, or Linux apps, the desktop versions take a lot more work to support Chromecast. Still, many users will be grateful to know that they’ll soon be able to watch their favorite videos on their TV by connecting their VLC app to their Chromecast.

VLC, known for its ability to play all sorts of obscure file types, and has become a widely known and used media player app, attracting audiences of both audiophiles and average consumers. It is completely free, open source, and available on a wide range of platforms — even taking a stab at Windows 8. It’s run by the VideoLAN Organization, a non-profit organization based in France that promotes opencryo-watch source multimedia software.

After nearly two years on Android, many are hoping that the next update for the Android app will also drop the Beta moniker, but that is still unconfirmed. The iOS version of the app, on the other hand, has been applauded as a strong app and received a timely update to iOS 7 styling.

Are you excited that Chromecast support will be coming to VLC? Are there any other improvements you’d like to see for the VLC apps? Let us know in the comments.