How to Make Your Boss Angry — Bad Linux Sysadmin Practices

“You’re fired!” yells a red-headed, more or less bald guy in a suit. You’ll probably recognize this from any of a dozen comedy series. Would you like to play the…

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Solution: Converting Line Breaks In Linux

Linux text files and Windows text files differ from each other in an important aspect. They have a different way to indicate the end of a line. Sometimes, when opening…

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Ten things I wish I knew earlier about the Linux command line

We all learn new things over time as we use applications with a vast amount of possibilities. Of course, some of those things would have been so useful if we…

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Troubleshooting ./configure, make and make install Tutorial

Sometimes, the typical sequence to compile a program doesn’t work. It starts spitting out all kinds of errors and seems to do everything but compiling that annoying program already. What…

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Using Linux vs. Knowing Linux

Learning some Linux is extremely easy; there are hundreds of resources out there that will walk you through some simple install tasks. However, really “knowing” Linux is a tremendously difficult…

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Multiple Ways To Learn Linux

Over the past few months, we here at Pinehead have been working hard to develop ways to teach Linux to newbies and novices alike. It’s a very taxing job and…

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Linux Academy provides interactive step by step video courses that will take a newbie to professional over the next several months.  The Academy starts out with an introduction to the…

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How to Backup Linux to Amazon S3 Using s3cmd

S3cmd is a program that allows you to backup your Linux box to Amazon S3. Amazon S3 allows you basically unlimited storage and, as long as you have the bandwidth,…

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How To Protect Your Server Against Dictionary Attacks

Recently a security flaw in LinkedIn’s code has helped add 6.5 million passwords to attackers’ traditional dictionary attack. What is a dictionary attack? It’s an attack where hackers (we assume…

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Six Reasons You Need To Learn Linux

It’s simple: you need to learn Linux. You’ve heard about Linux, you could even be a developer that knows “open source,” but have never used Linux as a server operating…

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