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How to Run the Native Ubuntu Desktop on Windows 10

How to Run the Native Ubuntu Desktop on Windows 10

The real reason why Canonical and Microsoft brought Ubuntu to Windows 10 was to enable system administrators and developers to use Bash and other Linux shell programs, such as make,…

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Install Linux Mint’s X-Apps on Ubuntu

The Guides to Install Linux Mint’s X-Apps on Ubuntu

If you’re using Linux Mint 18, then you don’t have to do anything — they’re installed by default. The openSUSE Linux operating system supplies it in their repositories as well…

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How to Easily Upgrade Ubuntu’s Linux Kernel With Ukuu

Tips on How to Easily Upgrade Ubuntu’s Linux Kernel With Ukuu

Manually upgrading the Linux kernel is not a simple feat — it requires a fair amount of knowledge.We’ve covered how to do it before, but if you’d rather get the…

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Linux Operating-System

Top 5 Linux Operating Systems You Should Try in a Virtual Machine

Well! Just make a short and focus on below our pick of five Linux operating systems that you should run on a virtual machine. 1. Linux Mint Currently up to…

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Serious Ubuntu Linux Desktop Bugs Found and Fixed

If you, like me, use Ubuntu desktop, or one of its relatives such as Linux Mint, you have a bug to patch. If you’re using unpatched Ubuntu Linux, this usually…

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unity 8

Ways to Install Unity 8 and Mir on Ubuntu Based on the Future of Linux

Canonical has ambitious plans for Ubuntu. The Linux distro for human beings began as a slightly themed GNOME experience. Since then, Canonical has created its own Unity desktop interface. Now…

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build custom ubuntu

Ways to Roll Your Own Linux Operating System With Ubuntu Customization Kit

Well! Linux operating systems are awesome for several reasons. Linux distributions are often free, which is always a bonus. Often Linux distros are less system-intensive than Windows counterparts. However, arguably…

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Budgie Desktops Battle – The Comparison between Budgie-Remix and SolusOS!

If you want to know which one is better budgie desktops, please keep reading. Two distros with the Budgie Desktop environment enter, only one will leave victorious. The rules are simple:…

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Give You 5 Reasons to Use Pure Open Source Distro, Fedora

Is this true, and if so, why do so many people continue using Fedora year after year? Fedora is one of the largest Linux communities in the world. But it…

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What Is a Linux Rolling Release, and Do You Hope It?

Why does my Arch Linux file only have the date after the name? Why do I have to reinstall Fedora every couple years to the newest release? What’s with all…

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