Linux Mint

5 Flavors of Linux Mint 18 You Can Try Today

LINUX 5 Flavors of Linux Mint 18 You Can Try

Linux Mint 18 Sara, takes a similar approach. With Linux Mint 18, you get two main versions, each with their own choice of desktops. In total, there are SIX versions…

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Linux Operating-System

Top 5 Linux Operating Systems You Should Try in a Virtual Machine

Well! Just make a short and focus on below our pick of five Linux operating systems that you should run on a virtual machine. 1. Linux Mint Currently up to…

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linux mint

Tips on How to Get Unity’s Global App Menu in Linux Mint Cinnamon

One of the more interesting differences between Unity and other desktop environments is that Unity isn’t afraid to pursue unconventional features and changes that might alienate traditional Linux users. And…

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You Can Install Gentoo the Easy Way With Sabayon

They all provide preconfigured desktop environments and easy to use settings managers, making it tricky to decide which distribution is right for you. Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary, Fedora, OpenSUSE… the list of…

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Is Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” The Ubuntu Killer Now?

Let’s take a look at what’s new and why you should use it! The latest version of Linux Mint, the 17th release codenamed “Qiana”, is now out! The popular Linux…

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