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How You Can Help Make 2017 the Year of the Linux Desktop

How You Can Help Make 2017 the Year of the Linux Desktop

For many of us, it doesn’t matter if Linux achieves world computing domination. What matters is that we can use it today, and it’s awesome. Are you considering making the…

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Make Linux Look Like macOS With These Easy Tweaks

Guide to Make your Linux Desktop Behave and Look Like Apple’s macOS

One of the great benefits of Linux is how you can shape it as you see fit. There are lots of different ways to customize your own desktop — you…

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How to Safely Test Desktop Applications in a Secure Container With Docker

Docker is a “container” platform, which allows applications to be run in their own sandboxed world. These applications share resources, e.g. things like hard drive space or RAM, but otherwise…

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Revive Your Old PC Raspberry Pi-Style With PIXEL

You might have heard about PIXEL, the new Raspberry Pi desktop environment, that comes as part of the Raspbian Jessie operating system. Basically it offers a slick, new user interface…

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Serious Ubuntu Linux Desktop Bugs Found and Fixed

If you, like me, use Ubuntu desktop, or one of its relatives such as Linux Mint, you have a bug to patch. If you’re using unpatched Ubuntu Linux, this usually…

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5 Ways You Can Record Your Desktop on Linux and Raspberry Pi

While Windows, macOS, and even Android have some good screen recorders available, the Linux software library is surprisingly sparse in this area. Fortunately, we’ve been able to bring you five Linux…

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A Look at One of Linux’s Most Popular Desktops

You’re interested in Linux, and you’ve come across the word GNOME. All caps. That signifies that we’re not talking about adorable little garden guardians. Those letters were originally an acronym…

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linux mint

Tips on How to Get Unity’s Global App Menu in Linux Mint Cinnamon

One of the more interesting differences between Unity and other desktop environments is that Unity isn’t afraid to pursue unconventional features and changes that might alienate traditional Linux users. And…

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5 Ways to Experience KDE on Linux

You’ve discovered something during your time with Linux — you like KDE! The default layout feels familiar to former Windows users. In additions, being able to tweak everything seems to sum up…

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Is Linux Lastly Good Enough to Replace Windows?

This number does not count Android as Linux. That suggests that more users are flocking to the traditional Linux desktop (or that a lower percentage are using others). According to…

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