5 Flavors of Linux Mint 18 You Can Try Today

LINUX 5 Flavors of Linux Mint 18 You Can Try

Linux Mint 18 Sara, takes a similar approach. With Linux Mint 18, you get two main versions, each with their own choice of desktops. In total, there are SIX versions…

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Introducing How to Set Up a Windows Virtual Machine in Linux

Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing just that. Need to run Windows software in Linux? One of the typical answers is to install Windows in a virtual machine. If that…

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Do You Know How Linux Users Can Hide Their Tracks With JonDo

Nearly every major media and shopping online outlet is tracking everything you do in order to customize your web experience towards selling you more product. While these trackers can make…

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How to Install Windows 10 for Free on any Linux, Windows, or OS X PC

Maybe you’re not ready to make that step and commit without trying the new operating system (OS) first. Or maybe you don’t qualify for the free upgrade, but would like…

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A Gnome 2 Look-Alike Shell For Gnome 3 – Gnome Flashback

Try Gnome Flashback to run the newer Gnome 3 but have the same look as Gnome 2. Do you enjoy using Gnome 2, but don’t want to keep running on…

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Introducing How To Install Linux On A MacBook Pro Retina

Whether you’d like a more open and customizable operating system or simply need to dual-boot in order to access certain software, you might want Linux on your MacBook. The thing…

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Is CryptoLocker Ransomware arriving on Android Now?

ThreatPost reports that the Reveton cyber-crime gang is advertising an Android version of CryptoLocker. This program seems to have no way to actively infect an Android smartphone or tablet. To…

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