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Make a Multiboot Flash Drive for Windows and Linux

How to Make a Multiboot Flash Drive for Windows and Linux

There are now several excellent multiboot USB tools you can use to turn your humble USB into a pocket-sized operating system repository. The only thing that’ll hold you back is…

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TeamViewer 12

The Best Remote Desktop Tool – TeamViewer 12

Remote access is one of the most valuable tools in a computer user’s kit. With it, you can reach your own machines from anywhere, help a friend, or even remotely…

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Linxu Tools : Google’s Open-Source Kubernetes 1.4 Reivew

Let’s get to know the Google’s Open-Source Kubernetes 1.4. Kubernetes Dashboard goes a long way to making this cloud container DevOps tool much easier to use. Why? Well, the new features…

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What’s New in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.3 ?

Let’s get to know the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.3. This latest release is built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7. It uses Docker for its containers and Kubernetes…

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Linux Academy : tmux Cheat Sheet, Provides Users with Command Line

tmux is a terminal multiplexer that allows users to run multiple virtual terminals inside a single window. tmux provides users with a series of command line, interactive, and vi-like commands…

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Cloudify – One DevOps tool for all clouds

Cloudify, an open-source orchestration software company, now claims it can support all the top five public clouds and Azure, OpenStack, and VMware, with its latest release, Cloudify 3.4. Who doesn’t…

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8 GNOME Shell Extensions which Improve the Interface

I loved it, and GNOME became my favorite desktop environment on any operating system. But there are still a few changes I like to make. When GNOME 3.0 launched, it…

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Switched from Windows? 5 Google Tools That You Can Use On Linux

Google, for example, recognizes that there are other operating systems out there. You could even say it has a soft spot for Linux. Chrome OS and Android are both Linux-based….

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Tell You How to Make Data Backups on Ubuntu Other Distros

As a Linux user, backing up data isn’t as user-friendly as it might be on other operating systems. Not that it’s difficult, but the learning curve is just a bit…

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How To Make Better Sense Of Log Files On Mac And Linux

I suppose you could spend hour after hour perusing Stack Overflow, and asking Reddit for help. Or you could take things into your own hands, and dive into your system’s log…

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